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DOOMSDAY Artwork 5000x5000 - King Cotz.pngHailing from Richmond, Virginia, King Cotz has released his brilliant brand new single ‘Doomsday’ on 29th April 2019. 

Rap/Hip-hop in genre, ‘Doomsday’ is a superb and enthralling track. Here, King Cotz is innovating and leading the way for the future of hip/hop.

‘Doomsday’ opens to the sound of synths. There is a rising synth melody which is catchy and repeats throughout the song. We hear the chorus first from King Cotz, the double tracked vocals are layered with texture and character. Next, the beat kicks in. It is syncopated, interesting and characterful. We loved the sound of the high hats which come in and out of the song as it progresses.

The shining star of the piece is most certainly King Cotz’s rap performance. His skilful approach to composing and performing lyrics is something which can not be taught. You can hear his natural abilities with words flowing from his tongue with grace and ease. The rap sounds very slick, every word has a place and fits smoothly. King Cotz’s cadences hit the mark every time too. We found the rap sections of the song deeply insightful. They have been cleverly constructed and are intelligent and thoughtful.

We adored the part of the track where all of the instrumentation have built up and then cut away. There are many spoken word samples which have been used sensitively and in the right amount. They are deeply impactful. We also adored the mix, production and mastering of ‘Doomsday’. There is a lot of instrumentation and detail in the backing and each part has it’s own space in the mix. They also come together to work as one cohesive piece too.

One thing is for sure, this 23-year-old rapper has a massive future ahead of him. He has been songwriting since the tender age of 10 years old and it is clear what a talent he is. We will be following his progress and can not wait to hear what will come next from this deeply gifted artist. Make sure you check out this brilliant release today!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

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