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Kyla Tilley - Julian Squires
Kyla Tilley – Julian Squires

Kyla Tilley – ‘Bloom and Grow’

Canadian-based troubadour Kyla Tilley has released her stunning album ‘Bloom and Grow’. It is a folk-rock release that is leading the genre forward in 2022.

The title track, ‘Bloom & Grow,’ opens the release with a dynamic and intriguing sound that instantly draws the listener in. We adore the punchy chorus that stays with the listener after the music has ended.

In addition, ‘The League’ is a stand-out song complete with layered instrumentation, intriguing lyrics and charismatic vocal performance. Also, ‘Apathy’ takes the album in a fresh direction with a laid-back vibe that allows the excellent songwriting to shine through.

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‘One Foot in Front of the Other’ is a textured and innovative song with fascinating melodies and stunning guitar work. Finally, ‘Song Like John’ closes the release with a melodic and addictive song that will have you reaching for the repeat button.


Tilley says about the release, “Each of the songs on ‘Bloom & Grow’ focuses in some way on the very human drive to do better, accomplish great things, and leave something of ourselves behind.” She continues, “As this is no easy endeavour, themes of depression, regret, uncertainty, and self-doubt are found throughout.”


‘Bloom and Grow’ is a profoundly relatable and touching release that hears Tilley connect to her audience with ease. She is able to convey emotion and feeling to her listener and allows us to feel less alone together.


So make a note of the name Kyla Tilley. It might be the first time that you have heard it, but we are sure that it will not be the last! She is an exciting composer and musician who is destined for big things.

Tilley is an artist who is pushing boundaries, and we can not wait to hear what will come next from this talented songstress. Until then, ‘Bloom and Grow’ is available to stream from the link below today; enjoy!

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