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Last Chance Riders are releasing their latest album ‘Jet Lag Super Drag’ and it is a cracking record! The band hailing from Atlanta, GA, are comprised of Jessie Albright – Vocals, DeWitt Thompson – Guitar, John Woods – Guitar, Jim Martin – Bass and Shane Denmark – Drums.

‘Jet Lag Super Drag’ is predominantly a rock album with other influences mixed in. The album begins with the song ‘Downright Disgusted’ a sampled spoken word opening is swiftly followed by Last Chance Riders trademark rock sound. The harmonies are plentiful and joyous to digest. ‘Lucky One’ features a gorgeous electric guitar swimming in luscious reverb and the tightness of the band can be felt throughout.

Our favourite tracks are, ‘Valley Below’ and ‘Tidal Wave’. On both songs, the melodies are inspired and there are wonderful elements of texture in the building up of the instrumentation followed by it pulling away, then building again. The vocals shine in these pieces and they will have you reaching for the repeat button – we know we were!

The musicianship on ‘Jet Lag Super Drag’ is simply exquisite. They are all truly gifted musicians who have perfected their respective crafts and are currently at the top of their games. Jessie Albright’s vocal performance throughout the album is astounding. Her voice has elements of Janice Joplin in her gruff delivery and her warm tones fill the songs with heart and soul. The guitar solos provided by DeWitt Thompson and John Woods are truly divine. Seamlessly, they weave in and out of each other effortlessly. They remind us of the Rolling Stones in this way. The two are always complimenting each other and never intrude on one another’s performance. The bass provided by Jim Martin and drums provided by Shane Denmark work together harmoniously. They not only provide the backbone and heart to the record but also shine in their own rights during the songs. Blissful.

The album has been mixed, produced and mastered to an extremely high standard too. The sound is crisp and concise with a warm flavour to it. Each of the instruments can be heard clearly in the mix, yet still come together to make the sound feel whole and complete.

Reviewed by FVReviews October 2018

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