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LAVA ME 3 guitar could be the future of smart guitars. It features powerful technology upgraded from the impressive Lava me 2 and is unlike anything we have seen previously.

This smart guitar that has been reimagined for 2022. This superb carbon fiber guitar features a 3.5 multi-touch display integrated with HILAVA OS. Perfect for learning and creating, this smart guitar enhances the process and engages the player. 

With the HILAVA OS and powerful built-in guitar apps, this carbon fiber acoustic guitar re-invents the way you create music. 

Main Features

  • Multi-touch display integrated with HILAVA OS
  • Tuner, Metronome, Recorder accessible with a tap
  • Built-in effects and loops easy to play and customize
  • 5 practice modes with instant feedback and report
  • Enhanced acoustic sound with new Honeycomb Structure, AirSonic 2.0 and 4-MASS technology

Lava Me 3 Colors

The Lava Me 3 is available in 4 colours – Blue, Space Grey – Gold and White.


Space Grey



Lava Me 3 App

HILAVA OS supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cloud syncing, allowing you to access your works easily across your LAVA ME 3 guitar and mobile phone via the app.

This superb smart guitar also features Built-in Powerful App. Allowing for all essential guitar tools in one place. 

Lava Me 3 Effects

The Effects app contains unique and customizable effects powered by advanced audio technology. 

The Loops app features diverse and constantly updated grooves that you can overdub up to 3 tracks and separately adjust the sound level of each track. 

This smart guitar also includes a tuner, metronome and recorder so that no extra equipment is needed. 

Lava Me 3 Carbon Fiber Guitar

This guitar sees acoustic sound performance at a new level. With the new Honeycomb structure, AirSonic 2 carbon fiber, and 4-MASS technology, LAVA ME 3 carbon fiber guitar produces sound 20% deeper in bass and 30% longer in sustain. 

The guitar body is 30% stronger in shock resistance. The fretboard levelled by the Plek Pro machine ensures ideal string action and playability and features 18 frets in total.


An ideal community to socialize through music. LAVA+ is a buzzing online music community where you can connect with creators from all around the world. You can share works achieved on your LAVA guitar with friends and get inspiration for your practice and creation. 

Lava Me 3 Release Date

This smart guitar made its global debut on Instagram Live on 22nd December 2022 at 2 pm. It is now available to buy today!

Lava Me 3 Amazon – Where to buy

What’s included when purchased on Amazon

Guitar×1, Ideal Pick (Mix)×1, Space Charging Cable (USB-C)×1, User Manual×1, and polishing cloth×1. 

The guitar’s L3 smart preamp system has an optimized battery life of 2+ weeks on standby and up to 9 hours for playing. 

Playing time may vary according to how and where the guitar is used. 

Lava ME 3 Guitar Price

The price for this smart guitar varies on Amazon. The Space Grey, Gold and White versions are available for $1099.00. The Blue comes in at $1199.00

Charging dock

It is recommended to charge the smart instrument with the Space Charging Dock, which can be purchased separately. 


LAVA MUSIC was founded in 2013 by Louis Luk on the campus of Musicians Institute, LA. 

Its headquarters is now located in Guangzhou, China. It was in 2017 that LAVA invented and introduced to the world the first unibody injection moulded carbon fiber guitar – LAVA ME.

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