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Leo Nazz – ‘Leo Nazz’

Hailing from Melbourne, musician Leo Nazz has released the phenomenal self-titled EP’ Leo Nazz’. It is an Americana release that you need to hear this January.

‘I wanted to be honest’ opens the release and sets the scene wonderfully as to what is to come. An addictive band sound greets the listener with textured guitars, and charismatic vocals draw the listener in.

In addition, ‘It feels like’ takes the listener on a journey with an upbeat chorus and thought-provoking lyrics. Moreover, ‘White noise’ is a standout song with a gorgeously picked guitar and emotive vocals. The stripped-back instrumentation lets the excellent songwriting shine.

Finally, ‘I don’t mind’ closes the release and will have you reaching for the repeat button!

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Leo Nazz says about the EP, “Life is a journey, and my debut EP is the soundtrack of a part of mine. This record is a reflection of my heart and soul; you can feel the emotion behind every song and connect with it on a personal level.”

Iggy Torres/Dom Brinkley

‘Leo Nazz’ has been expertly produced by Iggy Torres (Sun Traitors), and the track ‘I wanted to be honest’ features guitars from singer/songwriter Dom Brinkley. Together the team have created an EP that makes Leo Nazz stand out from the crowd.


‘Leo Nazz’ has been five years in the making, and we can promise it has been worth the wait. Leo Nazz has the ability to connect to his audience, and this EP allows us to feel less alone together.

One thing is for sure, Leo Nazz is an exciting troubadour who is on the rise in 2023. ‘Leo Nazz’ is Nazz’s debut EP, and we can not wait to hear what will come next!

Until then, enjoy ‘Leo Nazz’ from the player below!

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