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DjoLifeLogoLikeClockworkDjo Life is a stirring artist from New York City. After previously reviewing his single ‘Anytime, Every Time’ we have been sent to task (we lie, it is not a task with music this good) to review his latest release. 

‘Like Clockwork’ is a perfect representation of Djo Life’s work. It is a fun, summer suiting tune and above all else it is catchy! It will have you singing it in the house, in the car, on the bus and everywhere in between. 

The track opens with an acoustic guitar and a synth on the intro and the first verse, the latter accompanied by Djo Life’s vocals. On the second verse the bass and drums enter the mix. They are mixed really well to be snappy, uplifting and lively. The kick drum is extremely active and brings the song to life further. 

The bridges take a nice twist and go down an unexpected path. Then, the 3rd verse cuts the instrumentation right back. The vocal is accompanied by a telephone effect before the bass and drums kick back in with the addition of backing vocals on the 3rd bridge. The final part of the song hears two battling synths creating harmony and texture together. All of these effects and attention to details make for layers of details leading to interest and absorption by the listener.

This release has more of a country feel during the first listen to its predecessor. Lyrically it takes mundane, everyday situations and makes then relatable and engaging. It talks about a noisy neighbour, coffee shop visit, farmers market and Djo life’s parents and in a way one Djo Life can, turns them into a singalong, toe tapping masterpiece. 

The song reminds us of The Remembrants (You know, the Friends theme tune!) and the structure of the tunes brings Alanis Morrisettes’ ‘Ironic’ in that it describes every situations, makes them interesting and always chimes back to a well arranged hook that will get stuck in your head. This all makes for a fun and interesting song. 

The video which accompanies this song is similar to ‘Anytime, Every time’. It has stunning graphics with a bold and vivacious type face denotes the lyrics. We love being able to read the lyrics along with the track as it enables the listener to be fully engaged. There are two magnificent pieces of art working together here; the song itself and the visuals on the video. They aid and enhance each other to produce a thoroughly enjoyable 3 minutes 41 seconds. 

With a catchy tune and stunning graphics, do yourself  favour and check out ‘Like Clockwork’ from the link below today!

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2018




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