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Little Tealeif – ‘Charcoal’

Brighton-based artist Little Tealeif has released the brilliant, must-hear EP ‘Charcoal’. It is an indie-pop release you need to hear this Winter of 2022.

‘Pedestal People’ opens the release. The stunning melodies instantly entice the listener, and the melodic, hard-hitting bass is stunning. Also, we adore the vocal performances, which are simply addictive.

In addition, ‘Like an Animal’ is a stand-out song. The fantastic riffs play with the vocals, dancing around one another, always complimenting and never intruding upon the other’s performance.

Moreover, ‘Scents’ takes the EP in a fresh direction keeping the audience on their toes. Little Tealeif is a troubadour who takes his audience on a journey. Finally, ‘Capital Letter’ closes the release and will have you reaching for the repeat button.


Little Tealeif says, “I am an electro producer and musician from sunny Kent. I got into music at 13, which felt quite late to me, but made up for it with fascination and an eagerness to learn.”

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He continues, “Being very much into heavy metal as a teenager, I spent a lot of time learning Slipknot tracks and Yngwie Malmsteen solos, but by the time I was 18, I had moved to Brighton to study at BIMM and had ventured more into indie and was less enamoured with the ‘shred lifestyle’.”


Little Tealeif has lived in England, Australia and Paris over the preceding years, and he talks openly about his struggles with drink and drugs. Today, he finds himself in a better place with his past lived experiences coming through in his music.


Little Tealeif is an exciting and talented musician who is making compelling and relatable music that needs to be heard. He can connect to his audience and (along with his excellent musicianship) allows us to feel less alone together.

We can not recommend ‘Charcoal’ highly enough and eagerly await what Little Tealeif will do next!

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