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kmollpckjmmdjdco‘No Directions’ is the brand new single from the incredible Pop/Rock Band, Lucid Illusions. It is a lively song from this energetic 3 piece. Taken from their self titled album, ‘No Directions’ is a classic song in the making.

The song opens to a, “One, two” count in. This is swiftly followed by an inviting groove and a punchy electric guitar. The amp sound is full of bite and attitude and sets the scene nicely as to what is to come. We hear interesting chord progressions, mainly based around the minor but with the odd majors thrown in. The drums are thoroughly energetic and engaging throughout while the bass creates the backbone of the piece. Along with the guitar, they are all lively and provide a solid foundation for the vocal to shine.

The vocals are provided by Jordan Lane, his voice reminds us of Brendon Urie, (Panic! At The Disco) in places but his tone and delivery ultimately make for a sound which is undeniably him. We adored the backing vocals and where some of the vocals have been double tracked in places. There is a lot of texture throughout which keeps the piece feeling fresh and exciting.

There is a part in the song where the tempo changes, it gets slower and the whole piece gets heavier. This was unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable. Following this, the original feel kicks back in and there is an abrupt ending. This song is perfect for big festivals and we could easily hear it being played on Radio 1.

We were most impressed with the fresh sound which Lucid Illusions create. They remind us in places of the Arctic Monkeys but they certainly make a sound all of their own. They can be easily recognised as themselves from the first few bars of the music.

Hailing from Houston, TX, Lucid Illusions are comprised of, Jordan Lane – Guitar/Vocals, Mason Jones – Bass and Donovan Hanson – Drums. They are all excellent musicians and this talent and ability are clearly on display during this single. It is under 3 minutes in length but it packs a big punch from beginning to end.

There is no doubt that this is just the beginning of this talented trio. We are now fans and will be waiting with eager anticipation to see what will come next from them. Join the wave and checkout out this magnificent release today!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

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