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Lucy Warr

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Lucy Warr – ‘Rip It Off’

Based in London, musician Lucy Warr has released her excellent single ‘Rip It Off’ in November 2020. It is a synth-pop release with a big heart.

Gorgeous synths open the song. We adore Lucy Warr’s vocal performance that is filled with charm and character. She is a wonderful vocalist whose performance feels as though she is speaking directly to the audience. The backing instrumentation is layered and pulls in and out, creating texture within the piece.

As the chorus drops, the drums do too and the full effect of the instrumentation strikes the listener. We adore the rise and fall in the instrumentation, which holds the listener’s attention effortlessly. Lyrically, ‘Rip It Off’ features honesty and integrity that reaches out and touches the audience. 

Lucy Warr says about the release, “Written in the first lockdown; the song explores the stigma of what happens inside our minds at any one time and my own personal experiences with mental health.” She continues, “A roller-coaster of emotions, ‘Rip It Off’ takes you on that journey with me. I want to normalise what it means to be human, to be okay with saying that ‘sometimes, I’m not okay, and that’s okay!’”

Artist To Watch

One thing is for sure, Lucy Warr is an artist to watch in the 2020s. Her style is bold and attention-demanding, and she is destined for big things. ‘Rip It Off’ is a song which connects with its audience and allows us to feel less alone together. 

So make sure you check out ‘Rip It Off’ this weekend. Also, make a note of the name Lucy Warr, it may be the first time you have heard it, but we are sure it will not be the last! 

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