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Luxury_Eviction_cover.jpg‘Master of None’ is the excellent new release by Luxury Eviction. Due for release on 8th January 2019, the album is a collection of emotional and thoughtful songs which speak to the soul and will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Based in Huntsville, AL, Luxury Eviction describe their music as, ‘Ambient-Electro-Folk-Rock-Cyber-Steampunk-Transgenre-Alt-Assault’, we think this is a pretty accurate description but there is most certainly even more in between.

The album opens with the title track, ‘Master of None’. It is a spellbinding song which fades in and grows in stature as time continues. It is a full band song with piano, bass, drums and stunning vocals. The vocal performance takes the centre stage and it harbours beautiful dissonant twists and turns throughout. The piano offers similar uncomfortable notes which add texture to the backing. There is a lot of reverb on the vocals, this aids the emotional performance and there are luscious harmonies to be devoured on the chorus too.

We adored the track, ‘Dragonflies in Hurricanes’, there are nice subtle touches to be heard such as the nature sounds at the beginning. The vocal performance is breathy and it lays across super synths. The synths sweep in and out of the sound leaving their mark as they go. We hear a voice which has a vocoder type effect on it and the overall feel is slow, laid back and melancholic.

‘On Your Tongue’ showcases, the skill the piano player possesses. The piano part is intricate ad and delicate, yet hard-hitting when it needs to be. The piece ebbs and flows beautifully and we found it incredibly moving.

‘Could Be Worse’ is our favourite song on the record. Located towards the end of the album, it is the pinnacle of the piece. The piano is again melancholic and dissonant creating texture as it plays on. The vocals are filled with emotion too. The bass and drums add a brand new dimension when they kick in and are the harmonies are simply wonderful. We loved the chord changes in the chorus, they are unexpected and the bridge changes to major which is a nice touch. We can hear Tori Amos’s influence on the track, yet it still makes for a sound which is undeniably Luxury Eviction.

So wash those January blues away and dive head first into this soul feeding release. You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018

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