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M-Dot – ‘One Day at a Time’

Hailing from Washington, DC, musician M-Dot has released the stunning single ‘One Day at a Time’. It is a pop/hip-hop release that you need to know about this January 2023.

A solo piano opens the release before the addictive vocals kick in. We adore the relatable lyrics that instantly draw the audience in. The lyrics flow effortlessly from M-Dot with grace and ease. He has a delivery that hits the listener hard and stays with us long after the music has ended.

In addition, the chorus is catchy and filled with soulful vocal performances. The piece has a beautiful rise and fall that injects luscious texture into the song.

Moreover, the instrumentation provides a stoic foundation for the vocals to shine. Also, the production is warm and honest, drawing the listener in.


M-Dot says about the release, “‘One Day at a Time’ is honestly really personal to me. It hits close to home for me – and I think it hits close to home for many people.”

He continues, “The last three years or so, the struggles of the pandemic have been hard for many people – me included – even with the passage of all this time. And I think we will feel the emotional trauma of what we have been through for quite some time.”

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Vocalist Mary-eL joins m-Dot on the release, and independent beatmaker Omito Beats has superbly produced it. Together, the team have created a single that will stand the test of time.


M-Dot is an artist who knows how to reach out and touch the listener. He allows the audience to feel less alone together. He is making music that needs to be heard, and ‘One Day at a Time’ is a single that deserves a place in your new music playlist this week.

Enjoy ‘One Day at a Time’ from the link below today and check out our full interview with M-DOT here!

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