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Maini Sorri - Someday Vol. 3 cd artwork.jpgMaini Sorri is a superb musician from Sweden. She is releasing her brilliant compilation album, ‘‘Someday Vol. 3’ on 3rd June 2019 and we have been lucky enough to review it ahead of its highly anticipated release.

Sorri is a master of piano playing and this can be felt throughout ‘Someday Vol. 3’. The album opens with the track ‘Love Bubble’ which is a superb introduction to Sorri’s work. The piece jumps in with a melodic lead guitar, piano and infectious drums. Sorri’s wonderful vocals, rich in tone and texture are on display from the get-go and the song takes the listener to another place.

We adored many of the songs on the album and it is hard to pick our favourites but we will try! ‘You Are On My Mind’ has 3 stunning guitar parts and a bass guitar which is melodic and carries the chorus along. We loved, ‘Someday for the expertly executed piano part, the reverb on the kick drum and the deeply, descriptive lyrics. ‘I Shouldn’t Have Trusted You’ has ominous chord changes and rich storytelling. ‘Only a Memory’ sees beautifully played electric and acoustic guitars with a drum groove to swoon over and unexpected changes from major to minor. ‘I am Leaving’ has a rockier edge to it with a flute and organ which adds to the textural composition of the piece.

Sorri has the fantastic ability to convey many emotions through her beautiful songwriting and stunning performance. The listener is taken on a journey through many situations and the detail in Sorri’s lyrics accompanied by her sincere performance is what sets her music apart from the crowd.

The mix, master and production of the album are also to a very high standard. Each of the instrumentation has its own space in the mix and nothing feels crowded. All of the parts come together to create one unified piece of art. Simply magical.

So put the 3rd of June in your diary and make sure you check out this special new album. With a back catalogue of 6 albums to enjoy, we are sure you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

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