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Deep C Divers are a fusion genre band based in Boston. Comprised of Deep Chinappa (vocals, guitar), Paul Erlich (guitar, keyboard), John Bordage  (drums) and Gregg Marcus (bass), Deep C Divers have a unique style and undeniable charm. Their latest album ‘Making Waves’ is a true sonic pleasure.

‘Making Waves’ is a genre crossing album, certainly all killer no filler and an uplifting listen. Our personal highlights are ‘Feel the Light’, ‘Smile for better days’ and ‘Sunshine’. All of which are genre crossing and have grooves and soul sown into their DNA.

Chinappa’s vocals are flawless, reminding us of David Bowie and Justin Hawkin’s from the Darkness combined. His lyrics are passionate and sonically very special. Elrich’s guitar parts are cleverly composed and superbly performed. We particularly liked in many of the songs the subtle juxtaposition of two separate guitar parts, mixed in each ear, doing their own separate grooves but working together in harmony creating special textures and depth. Your ear is drawn to these parts and consumed by their unexpected twists and turns. For us, it’s these features which mades the Deep C Divers reminiscent of Steely Dan, the guitar parts feel somewhat Walter Becker in nature and brilliantly executed.

The production of the record is superb, it is clear, punchy and concise in the sound it is achieving. Being recorded by the band themselves is testament to the incredible talent and dexterity of Deep C Divers.

A truly brilliant, thoughtful album by an exceptional band.

Reviewed by FVreviews April 2018



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