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IMG_1685Wolfpact Music Group have released the brand new single by the supremely talented Mali Osage. Entitled ‘Swoosh’, Osage has created his unique brand of hip hop which is full of character and interest.

‘Swoosh’ has a backdrop of integral swirling synths and infectious beats. The synths are chordal at times with elements of them panning between both sides of the audio spectrum. The drums feel like the heartbeat of the song, they keep the music pumping through which provides a foundation for the main star, Mali Osage’s rap.

Osage has the ability to communicate through ingenious lyrics, the words dance harmoniously with the melody to create a slick and sleek single. There is no doubt that Mali Osage is a master of wordplay, he is able to convey varying emotions with class and elegance. His natural ability to create perfect cadences that land every time is not something which can be taught. His rap is organic, nothing is forced and the lyrics flow off of his tongue with grace. A true lyrical genius. This single is a masterclass in lyrical composition for any musician.

‘Swoosh’ see’s Osage’s cheeky character which is juxtaposed to a serious, vulnerable side and many emotions in-between. This song is immediately inviting but once it has the listeners’ attention there are also layers of depth to the piece which keeps their attention. It is also incredibly catchy, the main hook, “They won’t checking for me, now they checking for me.” will be stuck in your head all day in the most inviting way.

The production on this record is simply wonderful. Each of the instrumentation has its own space in the mix and creates layers and layers of texture and interest. The rap sits beautifully on the top and feels mellow with a stunning impact.

There is also a brilliant video which accompanies the release. It is filled with humour and humanity. It is also deeply charismatic. We must also give a shout out to Mali Osage’s moustache in the video, a star in its own right!

One thing is for sure, ‘Swoosh’ will have you reaching for the repeat button. So, ride the crest of this wave with Mali Osage and check out this magnificent single today!

Reviewed by FVReviews April 2019

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