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Marianne Flemming – Kelly James

Marianne Flemming – ‘Across the Hemisphere’

Hailing from Ridgefield, musician Marianne Flemming has released the stunning album ‘Across the Hemisphere’. It is an alt-folk release that needs to be on your new music radar this week.

‘Something Has to Give’ opens the release to a stoic beat, intriguing melodies and gorgeous guitar riffs. Flemming’s voice is filled with soul and takes the reins of the song.

‘Desdamona’ is a stand-out song fuelled by excellent storytelling, superb harmonies and memorable melodies. In addition, ‘Ruby Red Slippers’ instantly draws the listener in with intelligent chordal progressions, superb musicianship and an intoxicating vibe.

‘Lucky Me’ takes the album in a fresh direction, and the brilliant songwriting shines through. Moreover, ‘Small Hope Bay’ closes the release wonderfully and will have you reaching for the repeat button!


Marianne Flemming says about this superb album, “We recorded Across the Hemisphere mostly at our home studio just north of Portland over the past few years under lockdown and during social unrest.”


Various talented artists have joined Marianne Flemming on the album, including Kari Newhouse, Kevin Neil, Michael Henchman, Olivia Duffy and Kevin Revolinski. Together they have crafted an album that will stand the test of time.

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Marianne Flemming has performed at venues across the USA, including The Bluebird Café in Nashville, The Bitter End in New York, and Seattle’s Folk Life stage. She is a driven troubadour making relatable and exhilarating music that needs to be heard.

Fifth Studio Album

We are thrilled to have heard ‘Across the Hemisphere’. It is Marianne Flemming’s fifth studio album, and after hearing it, we can not wait to check out her back catalogue too.

So add ‘Across the Hemisphere’ to your new music playlist this week. You will not be disappointed! We eagerly anticipate what Marianne Flemming will do next.

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