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Steve Ullathorne
Steve Ullathorne

Marsh Family – ‘Biological Clock’

Hailing from Faversham, Marsh Family are a talented family of musicians whose release ‘Biological Clock’ is a quirky pop single with a message.

From the funky opening, the scene is set as to what is to come. The melodic and driving bass, stoic rhythm section and infectious guitars all lay the solid foundations for the vocals to shine.

We love the mix of vocal performances, which feature luscious harmonies that fill the sonic spectrum with colour and texture. The song’s upbeat nature will have your toes tapping in no time!

Lyrically, humour in the lyrics takes a serious subject and makes it accessible for all to discuss. However, there is also compassion and empathy, and it is a song that reaches out and touches the listener.


Lyricist Ben says about the release, “This one was an easy song to pitch to the kids because it’s dancy but harder to get through Mum’s quality control, because it’s not a subject people naturally open up about, and at one point we call her a womble.” However, Danielle (Mum) insisted: “The song needed to be positive and powerful as well as funny because women are often scared and surprised by the changes we all face, so it was important to find the right balance.”

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Parody Videos

During the 2020 pandemic, the family group went viral with parody videos, amassing 115,000 followers on YouTube. They secured appearances on This Morning, BBC Breakfast, GMB, and BBC Morning Live, and the family were also featured in OK! Magazine.

The Menopause Charity

So make sure you add ‘Biological Clock’ to your new music playlist this week. It is a song that The Menopause Charity has approved, and we hope it works to break down stigmas and opens up new dialogues about the menopause symptoms and effects.

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