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mattymarz1_phixrMatty Marz released his divine new album on the 5th October 2018. It is a phenomenal collection of songs which demonstrate what a talented and innovative artist he is.

‘Dandy’ is electronic in genre with many wonderful instruments. These are used to create a unique and individual sound. This album has the very special characteristic where each of the songs could easily be singles in their own right. They also work well collectively as a piece.

The first track, ‘Dirtbag’ is an excellent opening song. It has a mixture of spoken word and sung vocal parts which create variety and texture. There is industrial sounding percussion to be heard amongst heavy, rock style guitars too. The kick drum really feels as though it is the heartbeat of the song and keeps the track flowing throughout.

If we were forced to choose, our favourite song would be, ‘Stay’ for its surprising acoustic guitars at the beginning. They have a luscious sound and have been panned into either side of the audio spectrum. The vocals have a vulnerable delivery and this by itself is extremely powerful. The track is later reprised for the final track on the album but it has new dimensions to it. Bliss.

We also loved, ‘Voices in My Head’. It has an unusual composition with the instrumentation and the synths working with the vocals. All of this cleverly works in unison with one another. There is a staccato rhythm and the song is thoroughly compelling. ‘Voices in My Head’ is pop music at it’s best and this song is destined to be a classic.

‘Pretty Boys’ is also a stand-alone, excellent song. It has a dramatic piano opening with full-on bass tones. The vocals are the shining star of the verses with very little instrumentation. The bass is thick and luscious and the whole song feels very new and unusual in the most welcomed way!

The common denominator between all of the songs is the honest and relatable lyrics. They are heartfelt, sometimes raw and always enticing. Matty Marz is a truly exciting talent. His vocals are simply stunning and the composition of the songs are world class. ‘Dandy’ feels Lady Gaga inspired with elements of Years and Years added in too. One thing is for sure, Matty Marz makes for a sound all of his own!

So do not hesitate, check out this divine new album today! You will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews October 2018


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