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Richard Lynch is a Country Music Artist based in Waynesville, Ohio. Lynch falls perfectly into the ‘Traditional’ category on the Country Music Spectrum with his purposeful and direct songs. He is reminiscent of Johnny Cash, Garth Brooks and Tim McGraw but still creating a sound of his own.

‘Mending Fences’ is Lynch’s latest album to be released. It has 12 tracks which are filled with honest, heart felt songs, touching on his vast life experiences. ‘Mending Fences’ is unique in that each song could easily be released as a single. The over all feel is upbeat, happy and would be perfect for line dancing to! With the longest song being just over 4 minutes, all songs feel complete and fulfilling.

Lynch’s vocals are clean, crisp and warm. They provide the main focus to all of the songs with perfect accompaniment coming from the backing cast: the slide guitar and violins are played beautifully and are a real highlight for us.

We believe the stand out tracks are ‘Daddy’s words’. ‘Mending Fences’ and ‘Country Music isn’t Country Anymore’. There is a real theme of family throughout the songs especially Lynch’s father who keeps reoccurring in various places. His wisdom and guidance shining through.

Another indisputable highlight is the duet with Rhonda Vincent on ‘Back in Love Again’. It is situated in the middle of the album with their two voices working in unison and harmony seamlessly. The track is uplifting and soul enriching.

When researching Richard Lynch we came across the amazing ‘The Love Tattoo Foundation’ on his website. If you do one thing today, make sure it is checking out this amazing artist!

Reviewed by FV Reviews March 2018


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