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Attachment_1551827830‘Sanctuary’ is the brand new single by the amazing artist Misato Takane. A youtube clip has been released on 2nd March 2019 and it beautifully introduces ‘Sanctuary’. It is a spellbinding song with lyrics which speak to the heart.

‘Sanctuary’ opens to the sound of synths. An organ plays chords with a melody over the top and then we hear the luscious vocals enter. There is a slight vibrato to Misato’s vocal performance which creates texture and emotion. The song carries a powerful message and the instrumentation is there as a solid backbone for this.

Misato’s vocal is the shining star of the piece. She has a depth and emotion in her voice which is blissful to hear. There is a further enhancement from the sublime backing vocals. They create harmonies and a magnificent audio performance. The arrangement of the instruments creates a powerful impact too. The verses are stripped down with the vocals and synths working blissfully together. The choruses are where the big sound hits with the addition of bass, drums and, guitars. There are powerful drums and claps too adding emphasis to the sound. The Instrumental parts offer rising melodies and it is here we fully appreciate the resilient synths holding their own.

The song has been written by Misato Takane. Misato is clearly a master in her craft, the music flows beautifully with unexpected twists and turns and the lyrics are relatable and engaging.

The musicianship on this single is extremely high and the band are comprised of; Omer Marantz – Bass, guitars, Yoad Nevo – Guitars, Alex Bloxham – Synths, programming, Gani Tamir – Backing vocals and Shelly Carmel – Backing vocals. These are all clearly excellent musicians in their respective fields and here, they come together to make an extremely special piece of art.

The album has been produced by Sefi Carmel, Mixed and mastered by Sefi Carmel and Steve Russell. They have produced a single which is rich in texture and vibe. Each of the instruments has its own place and space in the mix. We found with each listen we heard new elements which we had not noticed before. The subtle touches create interest and are integral to the overall sound.

The release is accompanied by a taster of a youtube video available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx0ixg4WVT4&feature=youtu.be

Do not delay and make sure you check out this brilliant release today!

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019

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