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2018-06-04 15.13.14.jpgMohammad Pourabed has released his brilliant new track ‘Agonize’. It falls within the classical genre and is a thoroughly thoughtful and moving piece.

Pourabed is a New York-based musician whose impressive composition ability is on full display with this release. The piece is an impressive 5 minutes 32 seconds in length and in that time the listener is taken on a very emotional journey which for us, highlighted many different thoughts and feelings.

It begins with a solo piano which features quite substantial pauses in-between riffs, this creates an atmosphere from the get-go and allows the piece (and the listeners) time to breathe. Next, we hear arpeggiated chords that are another careful layer of texture. There are luscious harmonies to be found within the melody and these have been carefully crafted to suit the mood of the piece beautifully.

Throughout the piece, we hear the melody telling a story and is constantly taking the listener on a journey. The melody appears in different octaves at different times and we adored its placement in the higher octaves. To us, the higher octaves also gave us a sense of running, again the listener is carried along by the music.

We could feel the turmoil and distress in the middle of the piece, the dissonant note clashes and dissonant changes made us feel as though we were in the centre of the action. The title ‘Agnoize’ has been taken from the middle of the piece. We felt the agonizing in the centre of the music. The bass riff never changes and remains as a constant throughout. This is a welcomed anchor point for us, we were unsure of what would come next but the bass offers a stability.

There is a wonderful resolution in the end. The layers which have been carefully crafted slowly pull away and the ending sounds much like the beginning. We had been taken on a full circle journey and it truly is magical composition to have the skill and talent to convey this.

Unbelievably ‘Agonize’ is the very first release by Pourabed, he has set the standard for his music incredibly high! We have no doubt that the next song which follows this release will be just as brilliant with all of the talent and skill he possesses. Check out ‘Agonize’ today!

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018

‘Agonize’ is available to listen to on Spotify here:

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