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ep coverMonkey Mind has released their divine self titled EP and we have been lucky enough to review it. The 4 track EP takes the listener on a journey through personal and heartfelt accounts of everyday trials set to a backdrop of Melodic Rock.

‘Monkey Mind’ opens with the song, ‘Hear the Silence’. It is an atmospheric song which is moving from beginning to end. First, we hear the sound of howling winds which sets the scene beautifully. We hear mysterious and dissonant guitars in places, Big choruses which hit hard and masterfully layered instrumentation. We were impressed with the guitar solo which showcases an incredibly melodic and accomplished musician.

‘Own Tomorrow’ opens with a solo electric guitar, followed by a solo which is reminiscent of Santana in style. The vocals shine on this piece and the listener is able to hear emotion and tone in abundance. The final verse hears the vocals with a telephone effect on them. This is well executed and adds texture to the piece.

‘Feel like Movin’ On’ feels like an introspective and personal piece. There is wonderful space in the mix with the vocals and lead guitar playing off of one another. From the first listen, it is a singalong track which will be stuck in your head all day – in the best way!

The final song, ‘The Call’ features Monkey Mind’s trademark sound and with a big and emotional chorus as the centre piece. It is a piece filled with complexity and depth with a stunning vocal performance to enhance it further.

The band is comprised of Christodoulos Pavlides – Vocals/ Electric guitar, Andreas Georgiou – Lead Guitar, Chris T. – Bass and Doros Foks – Drums. All of these musicians are at the top of their respective games. They play wonderfully alone but when they come together as a unit something very special occurs.

‘Monkey Mind’ has been produced by Sofianos Charalambides (Studio 35) and Co-produced/Arranged by Andreas Georgiou, Monkey Mind. The recording, mixing and, mastering has been provided by Sofianos Charalambides. The engineers have made an EP which is rich and warm in tone and lets each of the instrumentation shine in their own right. Top class.

It is easy to see why this EP has been self-titled, it is a true representation of the band and what they are about: the music. So kick off 2019 in style and check out ‘Monkey Mind’ by Monkey Mind today!

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019

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