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Moon and Aries – ‘Break The Matrix’

Hailing from Germany and Canada, the excellent band Moon and Aries have released the must-hear EP ‘Break The Matrix’. It is a three-track release that will have you reaching for the repeat button this February.

‘Illumination Society’ opens the release, and it is enticing from the get-go. The soulful vocals are underpinned by atmospheric instrumentation and work in harmony together. Moreover, the thought-provoking lyrics shine a the heart of the track.

‘Never For Me’ takes the listener in a fresh direction. The memorable melodies ring out and draw the listener in. We adore the evolving sound that takes the audience by the hand.

Finally, ‘From Another Dimension’ closes the release and brings the three tracks to a close well. Again, the stunning synths work harmoniously before the addictive beat drops, and the vocals take centre stage. ‘Break The Matrix’ is a release that needs to be heard!

In addition, we adore the mix, master and production of ‘Break The Matrix’. Every part of the layered instrumentation has its own space in the mix and shines bright.

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Concept Album

‘Break The Matrix’ is one part of the band’s nine-song ‘Trilogy’ album. The release is divided into three episodes with three songs in each part. After hearing ‘Break The Matrix’, we cannot wait to check out the other installments too!


The band say about the release, “Moon and Aries hope to hook you into their sensual, uplifting and spiritually charged Universe of sound. Episode 3 is the last chapter, the final wave of sonic soundscapes, and all three songs have an up-tempo fusion of electro-pop, electro-house, dance, trip-hop and trance.”


We are thrilled to have heard ‘Break The Matrix’. It is an innovative release that sets Moon and Aries apart from the crowd. We are excited to listen to what this formidable duo will do next!

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