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Moon and Aries
Moon and Aries

Moon and Aries – ‘Paradise’

An FVMusicBlog favourite duo are back! Moon and Aries have released the magnificent EP ‘Paradise’ in June 2022. It is a stunning electronic-pop release that you need to add to your new music playlist this week!

‘Take Me Home’ opens the EP to a cinematic feel with swirling strings and compelling, ethereal vocals. As the track evolves, the listener is thoroughly enthralled.

‘In Silence’ features a piano opening before the welcome beat kicks in the soulful vocals take the listener by the hand. We adore the title track ‘Paradise’; the engaging vocals are underpinned by layers of instrumentation that fill the sonic spectrum with vivid colour.

Finally, ‘Mercury’ closes the release. It is an instrumental song filled with heart and soul, leaving the listener reaching for the repeat button.


Moon and Aries are comprised of German composer and producer Tom Aries and Canadian singer-songwriter Jordana Moon. They are creative and superb musicians separately, but the magic happens when they come together.


Moon and Aries say about this release, “As we explore the possibilities of Paradise and what that all encapsulates, we have to remember that to go higher, you have to also dig deeper.”

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They continue, “Face your inner demons, face the noise, the silence, embrace wherever you call home. Happiness is a choice. To view things as ‘everything is always working in my favour’ and that life is a continual series of events with people, places and things that are all within you to remember forever.”


We are thrilled to have heard ”Paradise”. Moon and Aries are a dynamic duo continuously pushing forward and breaking down genre boundaries.

We are big fans of Moon and Aries, they are a band on the rise in 2022, and ‘PARADISE’ is another excellent release. Check it out today!

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