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Mountains of Jura
Mountains of Jura

Mountains Of Jura – ‘Mountains Of Jura’

Hailing from Los Angeles, the superb band Mountains Of Jura released their brilliant self titled album in March 2022. It is a shoegaze release that you need to hear this Summer.

‘Standard Candle’ opens the release, and its welcoming groove effortlessly swims into the sonic spectrum. We enjoyed ‘Lost Somewhere’, complete with melodic bass, swirling instrumentation and addictive vocals. It is an alluring and thoroughly compelling track.

‘March’ demands the audience’s attention from the superb drum beat opening. As the guitars enter, the song evolves before the listener and it takes us along for an awesome ride.

Finally, ‘I Walk Alone’ closes the release to a gentle opening with nature-filled undertones. We adore the well-paced evolution of the album that will have the listener reaching for the repeat button.

Band Members

Mountains Of Jura are comprised of band members; Daniel Cleland on guitar and vocals, Jason Damiano on bass, and Arjun Bruggeman on drums. They are excellent musicians in their respective fields, but magic happens when they come together!

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The band say about this superb release, “We wanted to create an album that would appeal to classic shoegaze fans but would still be accessible to those not as familiar with the genre.”

They continue, “The lyrics are thoughtfully crafted, but we want each individual to get their own meaning from each song. We hope each song generates a mood and imagery to take you on a journey.”


Mountains Of Jura cites their influences as coming from artists such as Sigur Ros and Mogwai. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘Mountains Of Jura’, and this superb group stand shoulder to shoulder with the big players.

We are so excited to have heard ‘Mountains Of Jura’. It is an album release that fills the sonic spectrum with layers of luscious colour that draw the listener in and effortlessly holds our attention. Enjoy it today!

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