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Matty Hendley
Matty Hendley

We caught up with musician Matty Hendley following the brilliant release, ‘Nobody Like U’. Read the full interview now!

Hi Matty, how did you first get into music?

Music was always something that captivated me from a very young age. I was homeschooled and spent hours and hours at the piano learning every Billy Joel and Elton John song I could. Writing songs became an obsession, and I always dreamed of making music for a living one day, but I didn’t think it was actually a possibility.

What is the first song that captured your attention as a youngster?

I remember sitting in the backseat of my father’s car and hearing “She’s Got A Way” by Billy Joel. My dad looked at me and said, “I feel like you could sing this.” At that point, I didn’t even know I could sing, but I ended up learning the song and playing it at a talent show a few months later and winning first place.

Who influenced your latest release, ‘Nobody Like U’?

Nobody Like U has been a sound I’ve been trying to find for a long time. I’ve always been attracted to warm and entangling melodies, stuff like Lauv and LANY and Taylor Swift and the 1975. I think those influences draw me into a place where I feel like I can express the things I’m feeling and the stories I want to tell.

You worked with producer Blake Mohler on this latest release; what was that process like?

Blake is an absolute class act and super professional. He also produces my band, HAPPY LANDING. Blake just gets me. He gets what I’m trying to sell. Every time I walk into the studio with an idea, he is ready to run with it. The banjo on Nobody Like U was his idea – we both thought it was a perfect ode to my background as a folk rocker, and now it’s become my “thing” for my solo music.

What motivates you to make music?

I feel alive when I’m making music. It doesn’t matter which part of the process – writing, recording, performing – I feel like it’s what I’m meant to be doing. My old dean in college told me to pursue a passion, and telling stories through music is something that I’m overwhelmingly passionate about.

If you could open for any artist/band, who would it be?

I would love to tour with LANY. Those guys have put on some of the best concerts I have ever been to, and they all seem like genuinely good bros. Opening for T Swift obviously would be super sick, haha.

What’s your favourite venue to play?

My band just played two sold-out shows at Lincoln Hall in Chicago; that was pretty sweet. The Windjammer in Charleston is also super cool. It would be a dream to play at Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville, where I live.

What are your other passions aside from music?

I love running, lifting, and spending time with the people I love. Those three things keep me healthy and happy 🙂

If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

I wish radio play was still relevant. I was a journalism major in college, so I support public television and radio, but aside from that, I just wish more indie music made its way onto the radio, and I wish more people still listened to the radio.

What is the best music advice you have ever been given?

Tell the truth in your music. We all share the human experience, so most likely, if you tell true stories and share your emotions, people are going to relate to it.

What new music are you listening to at the moment?

I’m vibing to a lot of ROSIE, Claire Rosinkranz, and Harry Styles. It’s been a good summer, needless to say.

What musical plans do you have for the next two years?

I’m on a nationwide tour right now with my band, HAPPY LANDING. I’m hoping to continue putting out music under Matty Hendley and hopefully build up to a full album. And who knows, maybe take the show on the road next year! I’d love to play Lollapalooza next summer, whether that’s solo or with my band.

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