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We were lucky enough to catch up with Los Angeles based duo ORISHA SOUND following the superb release of ‘BRING THE FIRE’. Enjoy the full interview now!

Who or what got you both into music?

ORISHA SOUND is a duet. The group consists of two electrifying artists – Orisha (American multi-instrumentalist and singer of Brazilian/Russian descent) and Shel-K (singer/percussionist from St Thomas, Jamaica). Two different stories and backgrounds.

Orisha started classical training in music at age four, and by the age of nine, she was a child protégée touring the world with her violin. “My both parents were scientists, spending hours at the university. Originally, they wanted me to be busy as well – so they sent me to the music lessons. It turned out to be my passion from the start. I was spending hours practising and performing”.

As a professional musician, she has done arrangements and played live with major artists like Stevie Wonder, Kanye West, Anthony Hamilton and others. Shel-K grew up in Jamaica absorbing dancing and music from the streets, listening to old school soul, reggae and hip-hop from the original sound-systems.

His father was a known Kumina player (Jamaican drums), and Shel-K was taking part in local shows as early as he can remember. Up and coming music producer, when he met Orisha in Kingston, he already produced several catchy Jamaican riddims featuring Giptian, I-Wayne, Droop Lion and others.

Who influenced your latest release, ‘Bring The Fire’?

This song is eclectic, like all our music. It has charged up energetic instrumental and anthem chant melodies. We have lots of positive energy we want to share with the world. Bring the Fire message – live it up, enjoy every day and share this magic with people around. Positivity is contagious. This song is like a lighter -ready to set the world on musical and dance Fire. Dreams becoming a reality – we are dreaming a positive message of love and want to give this hope and joy to the others.

What’s the music scene like in Los Angeles?

LA is a musical heaven for a musician – all the best studios and performers live there or pass through it. It’s very competitive – have to be your best – sound, performance, looks, attitude. We have danced with the best dancers and recorded with the best players there. At the moment, we are in Russia preparing ‘Color & Sound’ first multicultural festival of modern art, which will take place on May 13-14 in the cultural capital of Russia – St. Petersburg.

Teaming up with Jamaican ministry of culture and Petersburg Concert – Russian Music and Culture government entity. Headlining the festival – performance of reggae songs with Russian traditional instrument band (balalaika, domra, bass balalaika and accordions) and Caribbean percussions. This musical blend is the first time ever incident when reggae music being performed in such a mix, blending two beautiful cultures together.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

At the moment, Sean Paul, Gwen Stefani, Migos, Bruno Mars.

What’s your dream venue to play?

We have performed at so many great places – from the Football World Cup to Moscow Kremlin. Hackney Theatre London, House of Blues Hollywood, Notting Hill Carnival .clubs, open airs, theatres and stadiums. For sure ready for more stadiums and festivals – always the best vibe.

What draws you to the electronic-pop genre?

Originally, ‘Bring the Fire’ had many versions – from rock-steady to trap. The one we just released has a very good international energy. We love blending live sound and electronic. We believe it’s the most international and modern sound. We have the right energy to deliver it.

Other than music, what are you both passionate about?

First of all, travel and cultures. To see the world is one of the most amazing things out there and to learn about different cultures and customs and bring them together. It comes with the price – being most of the time away from home and on the move, but we love it. And social media, we actually love it as well. We keep in touch with all our friends and fans online – being over 1 ,2 million subscribers – it’s fun. We share our journey thus way and stay in touch.

What changes would you guys like to see in the music business?

To be honest, we like it at the moment. Artists have lots of freedom and opportunities now. We don’t expect anyone to do anything for us – we just do it. And it works! Defiantly want more positive music promoted and brought to the forefront. Positivity is cool and needs to be a new trend and hype.

If you could choose one thing for fans to take away from your music, what would it be?

We want to encourage everyone with our music and this song. Sing alone, start moving – and yes, you will feel better!

What is your favourite song to play live?

Actually, Bring the Fire is one of them – by the second chorus, the audience always sings back – “bring the fire”. We usually loop the ending and sing it 4-5 times over as a big choir with the crowd.

Have you started working on your next release?

Yes, constantly working on something new. We will have an EP of remixes on our track ‘Na Na Na’ coming out in a few weeks. And a new album this year, 2021.

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