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My Latest Failure - Chris Underhill
My Latest Failure – Chris Underhill

My Latest Failure – ‘Bad Dreams’

Hailing from London, My Latest Failure has released the stunning single ‘Bad Dreams’. It is a punk-rock song that is filled with a lot of heart.

Attention-demanding guitars, fuelled with gorgeous distortion, open the song and instantly draw the listener in. Power and energy shine through as the full band enters and the big sound is driving the track forward.

We adore the unexpected chordal progressions that drive the song along. The riffs fill the track with vivid colour, while the vocal performances are loaded with a luscious texture.

In addition, the stoic rhythm section provides a solid foundation for the rest of the layered instrumentation to spring from. One thing is for sure; ‘Bad Dreams’ is a single that needs to be added to your new music playlist this week! You will not be disappointed!


The band say about the release, “‘Bad Dreams’ is one of our first songs written for My Latest Failure, originally recorded in 2019 for ‘Failures vol:’ but didn’t make the cut. We revisited the track with Ross Walker Productions in the summer of 2021 and were very happy with the outcome.”

Drums at zZounds


My Latest Failure cites their influences as coming from artists such as Sum 41, Funeral for a Friend, A Day To Remember, Nirvana, Gallows, Brand New, and Blink-182. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘Bad Dreams’ but make no mistake, My Latest Failure is making music all their own.


We are so thrilled to have discovered My Latest Failure. They are a hard-working band making punchy and dynamic music that cuts through the noise. The band are leading the punk-rock genre forward in 2022, and we can not wait to hear what they will do next.

Until then, ‘Bad Dreams’ is available to stream from the link below; enjoy today!

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Keyboards at zZounds

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