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Nick Noon – ‘A Jejune Affair’

Hailing from Nashville, musician Nick Noon has released the must-hear EP ‘A Jejune Affair’. It is an indie-rock release fuelled by memorable melodies and intelligently arranged songs.

‘Costumes’ opens the release and gently swims into the sonic spectrum. As the track evolves, we adore the charismatic vocals, punchy instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics.

Moreover, ‘When the Chariot Calls’ is catchy from the get-go. The addictive chordal progressions and memorable lyrics demonstrates Nick Noon is a troubadour of the highest calibre.

Also, ‘Bring out the Sunshine’ takes the EP in a fresh direction but maintains an excellent standard of musicianship. It is a song that will have you reaching for the repeat button.

Finally, ‘Grant Me Speed’ closes the release with a powerful and affecting track. The song’s gorgeous harmonies and rise and fall keep the listener hooked until the last moment.

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In addition, we adore the mix, production and master of ‘A Jejune Affair’. Every part of the addictive instrumentation has its own space in the mix and shines bright.

Brian Lucey

‘A Jejune Affair’ has been brilliantly mastered by Brian Lucey (Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Liam Gallagher). Together the team have crafted an EP that will stand the test of time and one that firmly sets Nick Noon as an artist to watch in 2023.


We are so excited to have discovered Nick Noon, and we can not recommend ‘A Jejune Affair’ highly enough. It is a thoroughly addictive EP that will have you reaching for the repeat button this January.

We can not wait to hear what Nick Noon will do next and eagerly anticipate his future releases. Until then, add ‘A Jejune Affair’ to your new music playlist this week; Nick Noon is an artist who needs to be heard!

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