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NYIKO – ‘Like The Movies’

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LA-based artist NYIKO has released the magnificent single ‘Like The Movies’, on 22nd April 2020. It is an enthralling listen which is destined to win the artist an army of new fans!

Magical attention-grabbing synths open the release. The upbeat nature soon kicks in, with the driving drums, and enigmatic bass too. NYIKO’s emotive vocals soon take the lead and gracefully guide the song along. We adored the building middle eight, where the snare feels like the heartbeat of the single. The chorus is memorable, and the listener eagerly awaits it coming around again. We found the overall vibe of the single to be upbeat and welcoming. NYIKO’s vocals are charming and filled with character. We are sure ‘Like The Movies’ will have you reaching for the repeat button! 

NYIKO says about the release, “It’s a song about growing up and believing everything we’re fed about love in romance films and tv, only to realise that real love is much deeper, more complex, and ultimately more rewarding.” We are sure this will resonate with many listeners. 

‘Like The Movies’ follows the August 2019 release collaborative EP with The White Electric. ‘Like The Movies’ was written, recorded, performed, and mixed by Nyiko Beguin, Trailing Twelve. Also, Steve Kitch at Audiomaster UK has mastered the song. Together, they have created a compelling piece of art that is destined to stand the test of time. 

NYIKO has released projects with Disney, Amazon, and Sony/ATV, and has been featured on MTV, the A/V Club, and PopDust. They are a well established and well-loved artist who is innovating Indie Rock. From the strength of ‘Like The Movies,’ we can understand why!

We thoroughly recommend adding ‘Like The Movies’ to your weekend playlist. NYIKO is a formidable artist, and we can not wait to see what they will do next!

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