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Peter Senior is an Australian Singer Songwriter who has just released his latest single, ‘Cool Ride’. The single has been taken from Senior’s debut album, ‘One the Edge’. It is Jazz Pop in nature and has a carefree and infectious feel. 

The single works to a rhythmic beat with finger clicks working as metronome. This gives the piece a human feel with structure and reliability. The high hats feel fresh and crisp and the over all percussion are the foundations which the song is build from. The horns are such a special element, they add warmth and depth and enhance the nods to the jazz genre. 

The piano riffs feel fresh and are another integral part to the song. Seniors’ dexterous fingers can be heard dancing over the keys, making incredibly musical and intricate riffs feel effortless and seamless. It is without any doubt what an excellent musician Peter Senior is. The composition of the ‘Cool Ride’ is exquisite, the track instrumentally starts quite sparse and builds in layers, textures and instrumentation to a fully blown Pop Jazz classic. 

The vocals are most certainly the shining star of the piece. Senior’s vocals are strong, masculine, rich and full of soul. They are further enhanced by the female vocals which appear post the first verse and for an entire verse, the male and female vocals sing together. This creates a blissful and exhilarating performance. It is clear to hear Senior’s love of music and performance on this record. His delivery is infectious and his penchant for performing is almost tangible while listing to the single

The production and mastering on the recording is seriously good. Each element has it’s own space in the piece and has the ability to shine in its unique own way. Everything has been panned beautifully, filling the entire sonic scape wonderfully. The attention to detail on the reverb, delay, EQ and compression are what makes ‘Cool Ride’ stand out from the crown.  They draw the listeners’ ear right into the centre of the action. 

This song is incredibly ear catching. One listen would have you reading for Shazam to see what the song was and by whom. Comparatively, ‘Cool Ride’ reminds us of Billy Joel’s ‘Still Rick and Roll To Me’, from the piano riffs to the metronomic timing, it has a similar groove but is still unmistakably Peter Senior. 

One thing is for sure, as soon as you hear this single you will be reaching for the repeat button. It is catchy, enticing and thoroughly charming. 

Reviewed by FVReviews August 2018

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