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mhdabikkdogbpploPhantom Phunk are releasing their catchy and thoroughly brilliant single ‘Every Where You Go’ on the record label Harmonic Factory Records. Comprising of Hector Alexander, Alexa Toro, and Nick Emiliozzi, Phantom Phunk hail from Tampa, FL. Having been formed in Tampa’s underground scene, this trio are spreading their pro-environmental message far and wide and this single is a true representation of their talent and skill.

‘Every Where You Go’ is taken from the EP ‘Struggle With Me’ which in itself is an enthralling listen, it had our hearts from the get-go. ‘Every Where You Go’ is ladened with luscious synths and vocal performances to die for. It is a very different single which is lyrically interesting and thoroughly engaging throughout. A male rap performance is at the heart of the verses and there is a female vocal which is a big staple in the background. The bass, guitars, and drums both help to carry the song along well. There is excellent texture which is provided by the instrumentation cutting away and then being introduced back in. It is thoughtful composition at its finest.

‘Every Where You Go’ is a song which would be suitable for many occasions whether it be on a playlist, playing in a club or used as placement music on an advert, TV show or film. It also will appeal to many different sections of the population, male or female, young or old, ‘Every Where You Go’ has something for everyone.

The EP is extremely well written and it is enjoyable on many levels. Phantom Phunk has elements which remind us of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s but their unique sound makes for music all of their own. Each track offers its own unique selling point and undeniable skill.

Songs such as ‘Mediphorical’ and ‘Something Certain People Say’ are vibrant, driving and enthralling. They are classic songs in the making. ‘Struggle With Me’ feels eclectic in its composition throughout and there are new twists and turns to be heard around every corner.

It is clear to hear the talent and aptitude which Phantom Phunk have in abundance. They are seriously exciting musicians at the top of their game. They are clearly well versed in their respective instruments too. We can not recommend highly enough checking out this brilliant single today!

Reviewed by FVReviews October 2018

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