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Pixy Jones - Glitch Images
Pixy Jones – Glitch Images

Pixy Jones – ‘Bits n Bobs’

Hailing from Cardiff, Pixy Jones released the magnificent album ‘Bits n Bobs’ in September 2022. It is a stunning 13-track album filled with a lot of heart.

‘I’m Not There’ opens the release with an attention-demanding beginning that instantly draws the audience in. We adore the charismatic vocals that shine at the forefront of the mix, underpinned by atmospheric guitars and a stoic rhythm section.

‘Hold Your Tongue’ is a stand-out song. It is a track that evolves before the audience with a catchy nature and brilliant guitar riffs. In addition, ‘That Fool’ opens with a memorable riff, and a compelling nature soon develops. The melodic bass and textured guitars are divine.

‘After Dark’ takes the album in a fresh direction keeping the listener on their toes. Finally, ‘Dewch Draw’ closes the release, and it will have you reaching for the repeat button!


Pixy Jones says about recording the album, “I had no recording budget, so I had to fund it by quitting smoking and saving the money up to pay for studio time. It took, I think, two and a half years to record, which is by far the quickest I’ve ever recorded an album. Would have been quicker too if it wasn’t for Covid!”

Drums at zZounds


Pixy Jones has been joined by Stephen Black (Sweet Baboo), Rhodri Brooks (AhGeeBe), and Elliott and Canny from ‘El Goodo’, on various tracks on the album. In addition, ‘Bits n Bobs’ was recorded and mixed in Aerial Studios with Tim Lewis (Thighpaulsandra), and the album was released on Strangetown Records.

Together, the team have created an album that will stand the test of time. It is an intricate piece of art that is leading the classic-rock genre forward in 2022, and we very much look forward to hearing what Pixy Jones will do next.

Until then, ensure you add ‘Bits n Bobs’ to your new music playlist this week. It is a must-hear release!

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