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Plastic Barricades – ‘Counting Fireworks’

London-based artist Plastic Barricades has released the must-hear single ‘Counting Fireworks’. It is an alternative-rock release that you need to know about this Spring.

An enticing opening greets the listener before the attention-demanding melodies kick in. Plastic Barricades’ charming vocals enter and take the reins of the song. Also, the intelligent chordal progressions fill the sonic spectrum with vivid colour.

We adore the catchy melodies that ring out and draw the listener in. Moreover, the thought-provoking lyrics are relatable and will have you reaching for the repeat button.

In addition, we love the punchy production that adds further layers of depth to the piece. ‘Counting Fireworks’ is a single that sets Plastic Barricades as an artist on the rise in 2023.


Plastic Barricades say about the release, “Hopeful and uplifting ‘Counting Fireworks’ is a celebration of new beginnings, the transformative power of change and the limitless potential for growth and exploration, felt so intensely by so many of us at the very start of each new year.” He continues, “Beauty and wonder are found in life’s uncertainties, but at times this beauty becomes obscured by anxiety and pessimism.”

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There is also a stunning video that accompanies the release and one which provides attention-demanding visuals to this superb track. Enjoy from the link below.


We are thrilled to see Plastic Barricades is due to release a third album, ‘We Stayed Indoors’. After hearing ‘Counting Fireworks’, we can not wait for the full album to drop. Follow the socials below to be the first to hear about new music news.


One thing is for sure, Plastic Barricades (AKA singer-songwriter Dan Kert) is an exciting artist. He is making music that pushes boundaries; we can not wait to hear what will come next.

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