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a2988883699_10The intriguingly named Plastic Teardrops is releasing his album ‘Close To The Ground’ on 1st January 2019. We have been lucky enough to hear the album before its official release date and what a mighty listen it was!

Based in Barcelona, Plastic Teardrops is well known for his infusion of Trip-hop, Downtempo, Acoustic and Blues. All of these genres can be felt on ‘Close To The Ground’ and work seamlessly together to create a magnificent piece of work.

The album opens with the song, ‘Falling Together’. The track is a wonderful introduction to the musical power force that Plastic Teardrops is. The separate instrumentation builds and creates layers of interest to be enjoyed. The song is extremely atmospheric and emotional with a beautiful vibe to the piece.

There are so many great tracks to pick from but we adored the song, ‘There Is No Escape’, it is stunning. The opening provides space for the vocals to shine and the full spectrum of their tones to be enjoyed. The rhythmical Cajon works well with the guitars and the track is varied and innovative throughout. We also loved, ‘Next Level’. The melody which the organ produces is luscious and the double-tracked vocals and dissonant piano notes all make for an enchanting song.

‘You Saved Me’ is the final song on the record. The descending acoustic guitar chords on the verse are stunning and the vocals shine superbly. There is an excellent slide guitar solo. This solo finds unexpected notes creating interest and intrigue as to what will come next. Brilliant.

‘Close To The Ground’ is steeped with majestic rhythms and luscious beats which fill the entire sound spectrum. The 10 track album is a masterclass in composition and performance. Each element has been meticulously thought about and the entire album is filled with character and charm. Plastic Teardrops is not only a talented composer and performer, but he is also an incredible producer. These skills are available to enjoy in abundance on this record.

We have no doubt, ‘Close To The Ground’ is going to be an album to look out for in 2019. So get ahead of the crowd and take some time on New Years Day to look up this wonderful release!

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2018





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