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‘Staring Into Nothing’ are a trio hailing from Orange County, California. The experience and musicianship demonstrated in the latest album ‘Power’ from the trio is a cut above the rest of the crowd. Staring Into Nothing are  comprised of Steve Rogers on vocal duties and keyboards, Savannah Rogers on acoustic guitar, and Kurt Barabas on bass and guitar.

The opening track ‘Puritans’ starts with an atmospheric piano setting the scene for a lyrically interesting and sonically addictive album. Our favourite track is ‘School Daze’, the lyrical writing is just brilliant. The melody and feel are upbeat and the guitars can best be described as other worldly. ‘Towers’ is a tantalising piece of work all in itself. It is 18 minutes in length but certainly does not feel it while it is seducing and engaging your senses. It’s a true journey flirting with different genres, almost classical in the break before the heavy rock guitars kick in and yet the transitions are seamless and beautiful.

Rogers’ vocals are reminiscent of REM’s Michael Stipe mixed with The New Radical’s Gregg Alexander. It’s soft when needed but always carrying a message. The album’s themes are of control and people in power, whether that be doctors, teacher or authority in government. The intelligence in the writing and sophisticated thought inducing tunes are what makes the album so special.

‘Power’ is driven by the bass and drums providing a strong and steady heartbeat and a consistent foundation. The guitars are always interesting, never predictable and know to provide an accompaniment to let the lyrics shine or take the spot light when needed.

Recorded in 2017 ‘Power’ was recorded with the help of legendary producer/mixer Mark Needham, as well as musicians Matt Chamberlain on drums, David Levita on guitars, and Pop Levi and Andrea Meli on backing vocals.

The band are currently fashioning their two forthcoming follow-up albums: Love and War. We can not wait!

Side note: On the bands website, if you put in your email address they will send you a free track ‘School Daze’, you’re welcome!

Reviewed by FVreviews April 2018

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/staringinto

Bandcamp: https://staringintonothing.bandcamp.com/

Lyric Video for Puritans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=taMtXK55P40

Web Site: www.staringintonothing.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StaringIntoNothing/

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