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Raie – ‘This Music Thing’

Hailing from London, musician Raie has released the superb album ‘This Music Thing’. It is a compelling Americana release that needs to be heard this Summer. 

‘Healin’ Train’ opens the album to a bright and punchy beginning before Raie’s charismatic vocal takes the reins of the track. We adore the chorus that is memorable and stays with the listener. 

‘Blackbird – For Liam’ is a stand-out song complete with relatable lyrics, driving instrumentation and a catchy hook. In addition, the title track has a sumptuous vibe with gorgeous guitars, a laid-back vibe and smokey vocal performances.

Finally, ‘Ahzia’ closes the release by taking the album in a fresh direction – a sign of what will come next? We can not wait to find out!


Raie says about her music, “My songs cover a wide variety of subjects in typically Country narrative style.” We love the diversity in the tracks and the excellent musicianship shines through.


There is also a stunning video that accompanies the release. The ‘Healin’ Train’ video showcases Raie’s soulful vocals and excellent performances from the band. We thoroughly recommend checking it out from the link below.

Healin’ Train

Wes Maebe

In addition, ‘This Music Thing’ has been brilliantly engineered and mastered by Wes Maebe (www.wesonator.com). Together the team has created a body of work that will stand the test of time. 


‘This Music Thing’ is precisely the reason why we hope the album never dies. It is a collection of songs that come together and work as a cohesive body of work. So turn the lights down, the volume up and let ‘This Music Thing’ take you on an epic journey. 

Keyboards at zZounds

We are thrilled to have discovered Raie and can not wait to hear what she will do next! Until then, ‘This Music Thing’ is available in full from the player below; enjoy!

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