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IMG_20190226_201411_376Raym Word is back with another genius single. ‘Black History Month’ is a hard-hitting, intelligent song documenting Raym Word’s thoughts on Black History month.

The track opens with synths and a voice from the get-go. The voice explains why this song has been produced and is a brilliant introduction to the single. The bass line is intricate and interesting throughout. The drums are syncopated and offer loose high hats to compliment the free-flowing lyrics. We adored the synths which chime in with riffs and chords but mainly leave space for the lyrics to be heard. The mix, production and mastering are all top class and there is a nice level to the bass in the mix which commands the listener’s attention. There is a very special element towards the end where two voices can be heard reading separate facts in each ear. This clever mix adds interest and diversity to the piece.

Raym Word’s rap is insightful and intuitive throughout. We were blown away by his heartfelt, honest and moving lyrics. He has a style which is laid back and hard-hitting in equal measures. The way in which Raym Word describes situations and his personal thoughts and feelings are extremely clever and accessible. There is a sense of authority stamped on this song by Raym Word. He has a platform and is using it to have a voice and be heard. He has a lyrical talent which can not be taught but is inherent within and it is on show during this single in abundance.

We must also mention the phenomenally brilliant video which accompanies this release. It really needs to be seen to be fully appreciated but there are glimpses in Raym Word’s world. Family photos, fact percentage and hard-hitting images which are uncomfortable to view but necessary to see, are all included.

We have known for a while what a credible and talented rapper Raym Word is. ‘Black History Month’ sees his abilities taken to the next level, delving into a deeply important subject matter and articulating his views superbly.

What a brilliant and significant single. Make sure you check out the music and the video today!

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019



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