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‘I Thank You’ is the brand new track from Oakland, California’s hip hop artist Raym World. Released on February 1st 2019 the song is, at its heart, an honest and retrospective look at relationships. The relationships vary throughout the song but Raym World’s honesty and integrity are present throughout.

The song opens to a solo piano riff swiftly followed by a child’s voice. Next, we hear Raym Worlds rap begin. It is a beautiful and moving song with the lyrics speaking of being thankful, in the choruses, for how he was treated as a younger man. There is a gentleness in the choruses and a grateful, heartfelt and heartwarming message. The final verse sees Raym World’s tone change to a more aggressive feel. He documents being stopped by the police for nothing more than his skin’s colour. Raym World has articulated brilliantly the injustice and prejudice faced by many people and uses his platform here to highlight the issue well.

The instrumentation is comprised of a melancholic piano which gives the sad vibe to the song and syncopated beats and synths. The sound is full and leaves a wonderful accompaniment to the main star, Raym World’s voice. He is most certainly a gifted artist whose lyrics are relatable and intoxicating. His cadences and melodies fit beautifully every time and he is an artist with something to say. He is a refreshing and exciting talent who we will hear a lot more from in the future.

There is also an impressive and immersive video which accompanies the release. It depicts Raym World rapping the song to a background of colourful graffiti. The vibrant colours used echo the emotion filled song. There are passion and conviction in Raym World’s performance and it is brilliant to see it reflected in the video too.

‘I Thank You’ is fresh to be released and Raym World is an artist to be watched, followed and supported by us all in 2019. His unique talent and skill are to be showcased on this single and we can not wait to hear what comes next from such a talented artist.

Reviewed by FVReviews February 2019

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