Rev Peter Unger – ‘Sounds of Christmas’

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Rev Peter Unger – ‘Sounds of Christmas’

It may only be October but it is never too early to review a Christmas Song, especially one like this.
Rev Peter Unger has produced an acoustic track of a Christmas song which is traditional in nature. Many Christmas songs forget about the origins of Christmas but Rev Unger has managed to hit a perfect balance between tradition and a catchy, warming tribute.

I was very impressed with the mix of the song, the guitar has been produced with a high end ringing through, making a sound which is relatable to the festive period. This is ever more evident at the end of the piece where the christmas guitar sound rings out, loud and clear.

Unger’s voice is filled with subtle nuances, easy listening in it’s finest form. The song is picked beautifully on the guitar and proves Unger to be a very competent musician.

Reviewed by FVreviews October 2017

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