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‘Fold’ – Rofo Audio

Rofo Audio are a 3 piece power rock band from Royersford, PA. Formed in 2014 they consist of members Raymond Short, Andy Mihalcik and Erik Lindenmoyer.

Their song ‘Fold’ form the album ‘Reach’ made for a very interesting listen. The song kicks off with a heavy guitar opening riff which is catchy in nature and a brilliant introduction. There are beautiful harmonies in the chorus which lift the song up a level creating texture in an already breezy seafront of sound.

Half way through ‘Fold’ there is a significant tempo change. The sound slows and becomes sparse but it picks back up toward the latter half of the song before returning to the original opening lick. This was very much unexpected and makes for an interesting structure, which in turn makes the song stand out from the run of the mill rock songs.

The band have a very full sound for 3 musicians playing just guitar, bass, vocals and drums. The full sound is all credit to their excellent musicianship.

Having also heard their forthcoming single “Inked’ from the same album, we are in for a treat!

More information on Rofo Audio can be found at:

Twitter: @RofoAudioBand

Reviewed by FVreviews September 2017

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