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Marina Avetisian

‘All Shades of Blue’ EP

Marina Avetisian is a Russian born musician living in London. Avetisian released her ‘All Shades of Blue’ EP in July 2017.

The EP is an interesting and engaging listen, its upbeat melodies are juxtaposed to some melancholy lyrics which creates a warm yet unsettling feel. The overall style is a Jazz Latin fusion which work together beautifully to create the most enjoyable easy listening EP.

The opening track ‘Campervan Blues’ is personally my favourite track as it has a glowing and inviting sound. The trumpets, piano, guitar bass and drums all culminate into a glowing picture of harmony. The main hook is staccato in nature which adds a deep charm, its catchy and will keep you humming it all day.

Marina has a rich tone in her voice which makes the whole EP warm and enchanting. The production brings out the special tone and range in Marina’s voice perfectly.

Want a catchy and interesting Sunday morning listen? I would not hesitate to recommend ‘All Shades of Blue’.

Listen to the full EP on Marina Avetisian’s Sound Cloud Page here:

Twitter: @marinavetisian

Reviewed by FVreviews September 2017

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