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dust_cover_finaljpg‘Dust’ is the latest single to be released by Rob Georg. This magnificent artist is based in Tuebingen and here we have discovered a song which is essentially a heavy Country Rock track which will have your toe tapping from the get-go.

The song opens to a guitar effect which fades into a big rock sound. This stamps the feel of the song from the beginning and paves the way for the vocals to enter. We found the vocal performance to be smooth yet gritty with honest and relatable lyrics. There is a strong cowboy theme running through the song with timeless, classic lyrics such as, ‘Cowboys don’t cry, we just get dust in our eyes.’ We adore this style of lyrical composition and feel it will resonate with a many people. We found the chorus to be especially catchy with the use of accented notes to engage the audience.

The drums have a big production sound to them and they provide a backbone to the song well. Especially the kick drum, which has a thick uncompromising sound. Simply divine. The bass is subtle but integral to the sound. The guitars are another shining star to the piece. They are big and imposing when they need to be but also pull back allowing for the vocals to shine in the verses. There are layered guitar pieces which add texture to the piece and on each listen we heard new parts. The use of palm muting and subtle fill-in licks are executed well and add colour to the piece.

‘Dust’ has been mixed, mastered and produced to a very high standard and we could hear this song being used on radio and/or for use in TV/Film. It is a beautifully versatile song and it is most certainly a classic song in the making. We can not wait to hear what comes next from such an exciting artist. Our fingers are crossed for an album. So make sure you check out this exciting release today!

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