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ghost_cover_ver7‘Ghost’ is the beautifully haunting song by Tuebingen born artist, Rob Georg. It is a single which will touch your heart and leave a tear in your eye.

Written by R. Georg, S. Bates, K. Smith and S. Bradley, ‘Ghost’ is quite simply a beautiful song. It talks about the loss of a loved one and life after it for the person(s) left here. There are many beautiful lyrics in this single which are relatable and haunting. Lyrics such as, ‘I’ll spend the rest of my life, being haunted by your ghost.’ There is a real depth of emotion in the delivery of the vocals and we feel this song will be very relatable to many people.

‘Ghost’ is Country/Americana in genre and has all the instruments you would want to hear. Drums, Bass, Vocals and gorgeous Guitars galore. For us, the two shining stars in the piece are the vocals and the slide guitar. The slide guitar adds an emotional and special element which cannot be recreated by any other instrument. Here, it is used perfectly to its full potential. The vocals are just mesmerising. Georg has a voice which is rich and warm with elements which reminded us of Johnny Cash in places. Make no mistake though, Georg has a sound all of his own.

The overall feel of ‘Ghost’ is atmospheric. There are minor chords on the chorus which are followed by an uplifting chord progression. This uplifting progression is a backdrop to the sad lyrics and the juxtaposition of these two things leaves the listener conflicted. It is a clever composition and keeps the listener continuously on their toes.

We adored the beautiful Guitar solo, it is melodic and filled with emotion. We also like the final chorus which sees stripped back instrumentation and the addition of a kick drum on every beat of the bar. This sound can be interpreted as 1 of two things. Either 1) a heartbeat or 2) a clock. It shows that people keep living and time keeps moving on after a loved one passes away.

There is also a magnificent lyrical video which accompanies the release. It is well worth seeing as it makes the lyrics have an even greater impact being on the screen in front of you.

This is songwriting and performance at its finest. Make sure you check out ‘Ghost’ today!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

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