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Roxercat – ‘Crime’

Hailing from Nashville, an FVMusicBlog favourite band is back! Roxercat has released their stunning single ‘Crime’, a rock-pop release you do not want to miss this February.

A funky and enticing opening greets the listener, and excellent musicianship is evident from the get-go. We adore the big guitar solo at the beginning; with soulful keys and a stoic rhythm section underpinning it.

Vocalist Price Jones shines on this excellent track. Passionate performances and powerful melodies fuel her voice. She demands the listener’s attention and holds it effortlessly.

In addition, the punchy chorus takes the song to the next level, and we found the lyrics to be affecting. It is catchy and will have you singing along in no time. Moreover, the production is warm and inviting. Each part of the layered instrumentation has been mixed well and shines bright.

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There is also a brilliant video which accompanies the release. With an aesthetic to match the excellent music, it is a release that needs to be seen. Check it out below!


Roxercat say about the release, “‘Crime’ is a rocking plea for people to stop giving away their power to systems designed to distract, pacify, and influence – ‘you drink their whines ’til you’re drunk with rage.’” They continue, “It’s a warning to take back control of our minds, beliefs, and thoughts. It’s too easy in a fast-paced, digital world to blindly believe what you may read or hear without question and allow others to dictate who you should love or hate.”


‘Crime’ is the second single to be taken from Roxercat’s stunning EP ‘Pearls’. They are a hard-working band who are continually moving forward, writing classic songs and producing sublime performances.

So make sure you add ‘Crime’ to your new music playlist this week. Roxercat need to be heard!

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