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RUSTY REID – ‘Our Love’s With You’

Hailing from Seattle, musician RUSTY REID has released the excellent must-hear single ‘Our Love’s With You’. It is an indie-folk release that needs to be heard this August.

An enchanting opening greets the listener. As the vocals ring out, they draw the listener in and hold our attention effortlessly. In addition, we adore the laid-back melodies and excellent musicianship that drives the single forward.

Moreover, the heartfelt lyrics are relatable and add further layers of texture to the piece. RUSTY REID’s vocal performance easily conveys emotion, and the subtle backing instrumentation allows the vocals to shine.

Also, ‘Our Love’s With You’ has been intelligently arranged with a graceful rise and fall that keeps the listener on their toes. This superb single needs to be on your new release radar this week.


RUSTY REID says about the release, “‘Our Love’s With You’, I wrote for my younger sister upon her graduation from high school and leaving for college. On this one, I provide the vocals and guitars, while crack multi-instrumentalist Jed Demlow from Nashville provides the keyboard tracks. I hope you like it.”

Back Catalogue

‘Our Love’s With You’ is taken from RUSTY REID’s third album ‘Bayou Line.’ After hearing this superb single, we can not wait to check out the full album and RUSTY REID’s back catalogue too.


We are thrilled to have heard ‘Our Love’s With You’. RUSTY REID is a top-class troubadour who makes exciting and compelling music that takes the listener on a journey.

One thing is for sure; RUSTY REID is a musician you must know about this Summer. His unique blend of songwriting and musicianship has the listener hooked from the get-go, and we can not wait to hear what will come next.

Enjoy ‘Our Love’s With You’ from the player below today!

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