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Ashley J released her debut EP ‘Satisfied’ in March 2018. The style of the EP is Pop Dance and what a mighty fine EP it is. Released by the Production Company ‘Bombshell Productions’ it sees collaborations with producers including Lucas & Adrian Rezza, Jamie Sellers, and Warwick Matthews.

The whole EP embodies emotions at the heart of it. ‘Trapped’ is a stand out track, it starts with almost tribal drums, the reverb attached to them adds texture and warmth. ‘Trapped’ builds layer upon layer until the catchy chorus kicks in. It is fun in nature and is most definitely a dance floor filler.

We also loved the title track, ‘Satisfied’ is filled with influences and familiar sounds but with an Ashley J twist. It reminds us of Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsen’s hit track ‘Symphony’ with flecks of Lady Gaga thrown in. The track follows a rise and fall pattern which gives it texture and depth. It has really musically interesting percussion which transcends a standard dance tune. On ‘Satisfied’, Ashley worked with the multi-platinum, Grammy & Emmy-winning Narada Michael Walde to create a brilliant piece of art.

‘Like You Used To’ and ‘When I Come Home To You’ both sound modern and innovative. The production on both tracks are incredible clever, all of the tracks have been mixed and mastered masterfully. The producers on the Ep are clearly at the top of their game.

Our favourite track is ‘Unbreakable’, it’s strong, upbeat with a positive message. All of the songs highlight Ashley’s undeniable skill. Her voice is a powerful instrument and Ashley knows how to use it. Ashley’s voice is delicate yet strong when it needs to be, a true skill.

If this is the debut EP, we can’t wait to hear the album!

Review by FVreviews March 2018

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