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London based artist Seaker (AKA Kiran Hungin), is releasing her latest single, ‘You’, on the 25th October 2019. It is a beautiful release that is set to win the hearts of its listeners.

This magnificent single opens to an atmospheric piano, and vocals swimming in beautiful reverb. They duet together wonderfully and fully engage the listener. We hear gorgeous chordal progressions, and the stripped-back nature lets the listener hear how the track evolved. There are layered vocals in specific parts that change the texture of the piece. Also, synth drums appear in the mix; they are subtle but integral. All of the instrumentation comes together to create and enhance a relaxed and laid back vibe. ‘You’ does not need a big production to be ear-catching; the quality of the songwriting is so high that the stripped-back performance is stunning.

We adored the emotion in the vocal performance. The intensity of the heart and feeling that appears in the vocals is astonishing. This honesty transcends to the listener. ‘You’ reminded us of ‘Hey Jupiter’ by Tori Amos in places but, Seaker most definitely makes a sound all of her own.

Hungin says, “The full song came about quickly, which isn’t common for me, and I didn’t want to overcook it and lose the real emotion that went into those early takes, so I left a lot of them in. I love the raw and exploratory honesty of a demo, and we often lose some of that during the process, so I wanted to keep that lo-fi, raw sensibility.”

The single was written by Seaker, mixed by Seaker, and Buzz Allan, and mastered by Rick David at Pink Bird Recording Co. Together they have achieved a piece of art that is honest and genuine with integrity running through the track. Check it out today!

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