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no friend of mine 5.jpg‘No Friend Of Mine’ is the brand new single from Melbourne Rock Band Shotgun Mistress. This single is filled with attitude and character from the get-go. From the first listen we discovered, Shotgun Mistress are most certainly a force of nature!

‘No Friend Of Mine’ starts with a hard-hitting opening filled with layers of distorted electric guitars, bass and drums. The first guitar riff we hear is catchy and recognisable as it is repeated in various parts of the song. The choruses are catchy and the bridge offers a new colour to the piece with its fresh turn. It is slower in pace and has fewer instruments leaving breathing space in the track which is short lived before the fast-paced chorus kicks back in.

We very much enjoyed the solo kick drum on the first half of each of the verses. It feels like the heartbeat of the song to which all of the other instrumentation is built around. The vocal performance is gruff and textured with an iconic quality to it which helps to give the band an unmistakable sound.

This fast-paced song is big in all areas and the guitar solo is no exception. It is a melodic and deeply skilful offering which will have you reaching for the repeat button. Also, we must mention the excellent mix, production and master on the track. All of the instruments are balanced well and shine in their own light.  Shotgun Mistress’s sound reminds us of Velvet Revolver and AC/DC but they make for a tight and infectious sound all of their own.

Having formed in 2018, the band are comprised of Matt Wilcock, David Lee, Ben Curnow and Glenn Patrick. All of whom are excellent musicians in their own rights. They come together to form a tight Rock ensemble which is surely destined for big things. You can clearly hear the level of musicianship which is on show during ‘No Friend Of Mine’. They are an incredibly tight band who compliment each other’s playing thoroughly.

‘No Friend Of Mine’ is available to download from 24th May, so put this date in your diary and ride the Shotgun Mistress’s wave. Their much-anticipated album should be released by the end of the year. One thing is for sure, this is only the beginning.

Reviewed by FVReviews April 2019

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