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Sienná is a phenomenal artist from Kyoto, Japan and currently residing in Oslo, Norway. Her latest single, ‘What Matters’ is a 6-minute masterclass in songwriting and composition.

The single opens to the sound of a solo voice with a feeling of calm. The tone of the voice initially feels sampled but it is soon accompanied by an infectious beat and further melodies which sees all of the elements fitting together beautifully. The kick drum is lively and feels like the heartbeat of the song. It is strong and dependable throughout with the addition of shakers to provide the integral beat.

We also hear magical stringed instruments dancing in and out adding texture to the piece. Synths are heard to begin with, they sound like a wave swimming into the piece. They have been mixed to either side of the audio spectrum and alternate their presence wonderfully.

We adored the section with the layered and mixed vocals. They create harmonies between themselves and are an unexpected twist to the piece. They work together tirelessly building texture and interest.

During the final 3rd of the song, a short snare enters and the beat becomes fuller. There are staccato synth rhythms and those gorgeous harmonies reappear too. The solo on the synth carries a beautiful melody. The instrumentation on the track pulls away toward the end taking the piece full circle.

Sienná is an artist who is experimental and continuously evolving. Her sound is clever and mature. The journey the listener is taken on during this song is a prime example of this. The track does not stand still, it is always moving, changing shape and texture. This is exactly what makes Sienná a truly exceptional and interesting artist. She never stands still and is always pressing forward. ‘What Matters’ was also written, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by Sienná/Anneis Studio. This song demonstrates the tip of the iceberg to her talents. We can not wait to see what comes next from such an exciting artist.

Make sure you take time to check ‘What Matters’ out today. It is music to feed the soul and you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews March 2019

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