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customer_bag_final.jpgSingle Stoners’ Club is releasing his brand new single, ‘Customer’. This single is a follow up from his successful song ‘Navy’ and it is most certainly a classic in the making.

‘Customer’ has a Caribbean/pop vibe which can be felt throughout this innovative and inspiring song. The track starts with unusual percussion which is tom-heavy and features gorgeous synths. The opening feels almost tribal with a mysterious twist added. Claps are added towards the end of the verse adding another new layer. These claps intensify on the chorus, as do the vocals. Here, they are double tracked which offer a big sound. Their impact is great and the chorus is so catchy it will have you reaching for the repeat button!

We adored the string synths which can be heard. Their arrangement is an integral part of the song. All of this added instrumentation add a new layer to the tune and they culminate in making for a detailed and substantial piece of music which makes for a very unique track.

Single Stoners’ Club’s voice is simply exquisite. During the verses it is sweet and laid back, however, when needed, it packs a punch. He has a wonderful tone and this can be felt on the bridge and the second verse. This second verse repeats the stripped back instrumentation of the first verse and lets the vocals shine.

‘Customer’ has been produced by Khizman and engineered by George Mayers. They have done a magnificent job in producing a track which is sharp, slick and ear-catching. The use of delay, reverb, and compression have been used in a sensitive way. He has made the overall sound well balanced. We could hear this song featuring in a playlist, in placement for film and TV or being played in any club across the globe.

We must also mention the brilliant artwork which accompanies the release. It is clean, sleek and a brilliant representation of the track. Each of the elements: composition, instrumentation, production and, artwork have been cleverly thought out. They all have a role to play and do so well, they also come together to make for an unforgettable and mesmerising track.

So do not delay and check out ‘Customer’ today!

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